We are looking for:

  • above average tankers to strengthen our clan
  • team players who are willing to learn and who can also accept criticism
  • you should be at least 18 years old and also present a "grown up" behaviour
  • next to activity and ambition you also have to fit in with us

We are offering:

  • a big international community (200 member+)
  • daily clanwars/skirmishes (Stronghold)
  • several ESL-Teams
  • training and tutorials
  • a fair payout-system
  • forum and teamspeak

We are expecting:

You should be able to play clanwar between 18 & 21 o'clock at minimum(!) 15 days per month. At least 5 available clanwar tanks and the following statistics on them.

  • 3-3.5k DPG on tier 10 tanks, depending on the tank
  • You should have either a 907 or 113. Else, you need to have almost all other tier 10 clan wars tanks.
  • Assisted damage and win-rate on your tier 10s is taken into account, to make sure you don't just camp.
  • We are extra strict with requirements for rerolls

Our recruitment team:


Just type your ingame name in the left.